April 2016

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  • Gary Luce

  • Qualified Boxercise and Kettlercise Instructor
  • Full Indemnity Insurance
  • First Aid For Sport
  • Enhanced DBS Checked

  • Jay Dupre

  • Qualified Boxercise Instructor
  • Full Indemnity Insurance
  • First Aid For Sport
  • Enhanced DBS Checked

Pricing Plan

  • Per Class
  • 7-day session
  • 14-day session


Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Our classes can take a variety of formats including circuit based or high cardio HIIT but most of plenty of hitting those pads, kicking punchbags.

What can Boxercise do for me:
Increases mental agility: Sports behavioural studies have shown that the training techniques adopted by boxers using punchbags and sparring lead to superior decision-making skills
Improves hand- eye coordination:… on both the left and right side of the body. Unlike asymmetrical sports such as tennis and golf, your body improves evenly on both sides, reducing postural misalignment
Increases stamina: Boxercise is 70%-80% anaerobic (high-intensity) and 20%-30% aerobic; training increases stamina in heart and lungs
Raises core strength: To take a punch and hold your balance, your abdominals need to be strong and toned – this strong core stability can reduce the risk of back pain and improve posture
Strengthens muscles: Boxing improves muscle strength used in everyday activities, as well as the ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibres required for shorter, more explosive movements
Our Boxercise Class is suitable for both men and women of all ages and fitness. None of our classes involves the physical hitting of an opponent, just lots of fun in a challenging and safe workout.
Plus great sounds