• Grading August 2017


    Congratulations to all of our students who were successful in achieving their promotion, you Have all worked extremely hard over the past few months and all deserve your success.
    Great effort, focus and attitude from each and everyone of you which will get you all to Black Belt and beyond.

    A big thank you to all of our Instructors and Black Belts for all their help and support in helping the students reach their goals


    Lucas Dibble 8th Gup
    Ieuan Griffiths 7th Gup
    Cohen Snook 6th Gup
    Kian Hucker 5th Gup
    Nia Kinsey 5th Gup
    Mary-Kate Stewart 5th Gup
    Ben Price 4th Gup
    Iwan Sutton 4th Gup
    Morgan Fenton 4th Gup
    Dan Huckridge 3rd Gup
    Sophie Davies 3rd Gup
    Kiera James 3rd Gup
    Mark Evans 3rd Gup
    Andrew Price 3rd Gup



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