The primary function of WalesTKD is to promote the Korean Martial Art of ITF Taekwon-Do that was developed by General Choi Hong Hi

1. WalesTKD exists to promote self-progression and personal achievement, at a pace that is suitable to the individual
2. Our team of qualified instructors are committed to providing all students with a safe and constructive training environment in which to develop their skills
3. We will aim to offer the highest possible level of instruction to every one of our students
4. We set out to make our training programm beneficial to the physical and psychological well being of our students and enjoyable to each and every member
5. To increase the community’s awareness of Taekwon-Do and to teach in a supportive, yet effective manner
6. To be dedicated to the constant and never ending improvement of our teaching techniques, in order to effectively pass on the rich traditions of Taekwon-Do
7. To encourage and prepare our students so that they may reach their full potential in the discipline
8. We will always endeavour to abide by the following Tenets of Taekwon-Do:
: Courtesy
: Integrity
: Perseverance
: Self Control
: Indomitable Spirit
9. All students shall be treated equally regardless of gender, race, age or ability.

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